-Asphalt sealing

-Crack filling

-Hot asphalt repairs

-Cut out, Ramps, Lips, Pot holes


-Line painting

-Power sweeping


-Snow Blowing

Your driveway is tough, but even it needs protection. Call The Patch and Seal Team to seal in your investment.

Serving commercial and residential properties The Patch and Seal Team can seal, restore, repair, beautify and protect just about any residential driveway, property or commercial  parking lot.

Our sealer is 100% liquid asphalt, it is the same product used to make pavement but without the sand and rocks. We apply it at high pressure to ensure maximum penetration. This process restores your driveway's strength, durability and appearance while prolonging its life.

Asphalt repairs should be part of your regular home maintenance. That’s because your asphalt driveway takes a pounding every day.

Sun, rain, snow, heat, the weight of your vehicle all conspire to weaken your driveway.

Big or small, rectangular or with a semi-circle. Flat or on a grade. The Patch and Seal Team protects and restores your driveway with quality, care and expertise.



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Your parking lot is the “welcome mat” to your business or property. It’s the first thing your tenants and customers see when they arrive. Does your parking lot project a neat professional image? Or does it portray a drab, gray, run-down image?

Big or small. Rooftop parking lots or street level parking areas. Industrial or commercial lots. The Patch and Seal team can handle parking areas of all sizes, of all configurations.

Create a strong first impression for your customers by offering them a safe, attractive place to park their vehicle. Contact The Patch and Seal Team today for your FREE quote on our parking lot maintenance services.

It will keep looking like new. It will feel like new. It will behave like new. But it won’t cost you like new.